Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eat a cupcake day!!!

I am still on a sugar high!!

Tuesday I baked two different treats in honor of this wonderful holiday - eat a cupcake day. My Candy Cupcake:

I blogged about the other day. I Just love these. And so easy to make when you have a Babycake Cakepop Maker.
My second one was a lemon lemon cupcake:

a lemon cupcake with a lemon cream cheese frosting. So yummy!! And just the right amount of lemon. Which makes me very happy because I thought I put way too much lemon extract in the frosting.
I love lemon. But not everyone does. That's also what's great about the Babycakes Cupcake makers. You can make a few of something for one person and something different for yourself. I did this for Thanksgiving this past year. My husband hates
Pumpkin pie (I don't understand this) but I love it and I haven't made one since we've been together. I'm certainly not going to make a whole pie for myself.
So now I'm able to make cherry mini pies for him and pumpkin mini pies for me. Perfect!
Hmmm... Now I want pie. :)
Happy snacking!!!

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  1. I made cupcakes today, too! And I put a "squeeze" of lemon curd in each one before closing the lid! Lemon filled cupcakes! YUM!

  2. Hi!! That's sounds yummy!! I want to make lemon meringue pie cupcakes- a gramcracker crust, a lemon cupcake with lemon filling, a meringue frosting and a pie crust cookie on top!!