Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grilled Cheese Bites

Ok - these might be a bit silly but sooooo good.

What you need:

4 pieces of bread
1 slice of cheese
2 tbs butter - melted
A shot glass

What you do:

Use the shot glass to create 4 circles per slice of bread. You'll get 16 circles total - 8 grilled cheese bites.

Melt the butter in a small bowl.
Using a pastry brush spread the melted butter on 1 side each of the circles of bread - 1 side only.

Place 8 circles in your Babycakes cupcake maker. Plug it in and cook the bread circles until they are a little golden brown. Cut up the cheese and place the "slices" on the bread circles in the Babycakes cupcake maker. Place the other bread circles on top of the cheese - butter side up. Flip sandwiches over to start browning the other sides of the bread circles. Cook until both sides are golden brown and cheese is melted.

Take out and enjoy!

Happy snacking!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby "crab" cakes

What you need:

6oz crab - in a can
1 egg
2 tbs mayo
1/4 cup saltines - crushed
Old bay seasoning
Onion powder
Karen's secret sauce - recipe follows

Open the can of crab and drain the water. Put in medium bowl.
Mix egg in a separate bowl. Add egg, mayo and crushed saltines to the crab and mix but don't over mix.

Form into mini crab cakes - about the size of a quarter. You should get around 16 cakes.

Sprinkle Old Bay seasoning, onion power, salt and pepper over the crab cakes- just one side for now. Put crab cakes in refrigerator for at least an hour to become firm.
After the hour or longer turn the crab cakes over and add all the seasonings to the cakes.
Add a little butter to each of the Babycakes wells. Not too much - you don't want them greasy. Just enough so they don't stick and they get a nice golden brown to them.

Add the crab cakes to the Babycakes cupcake maker and cook about 7-10 minutes. Turn over as needed so they don't burn but brown nicely on each side.
Take out and enjoy!

Karen's Secret Sauce

What you need:

2 tbs of mayo
2 teas of spicy mustard
Hot sauce - depends how Hot you want the sauce
Old Bay seasoning - to taste
Onion power - to taste

What you do:

Mix mayo and mustard together in a small bowl. Add hot sauce, Old Bay seasoning, and onion powder to the mayo / mustard mixture using as little or as much as you like.

Happy snacking!!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pancakes and sausage bites

A great breakfast treat or for a snack. Dunkin Donuts watch out!!

What you need:

Pancake batter - either box or homemade. Make enough for 5-7 pancakes
3 Sausage links
Butter - to grease cupcake wells and to melt in syrup.

What to do:

Make up the pancake mix.
Cook sausage. Cut each link into 4 pieces.
Grease each cupcake well.
One note: you must grease each cupcake well for these or they will stick!!!
Poor a tablespoon of batter in each well. Add 1 piece of sausage to each well on top of the batter. Make sure the sausage is almost covered but not all the way.

Plug in your Babycakes and cook 5-7 minutes.
Pour syrup in microwave safe bowl. Add butter. Cook 30 seconds.
Put pancakes and syrup on plate. Eat and enjoy!!

Yum!! :)
Happy snacking!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Spud" pies

I got the inspiration for these from a fav restaurant of mine and my husbands- UNOs!! There they are called Pizza Skins.
It's a pizza crust filled with mashed potatoes topped with cheese, bacon and I believe scallions topped with sour cream. Here's how you make mine.

What you need:
Pre made pie crust
One box will make about 16-18 crusts
1 1/2 cup Mashed potatoes
I buy pre made ones if I want to make these quick.
2/3 cup Cheddar cheese or a mixed blend of cheeses.
3 slices of Cooked bacon
1/4 cup Scallions
Sour cream on the side

Make mini pie crusts with large pie crust tool. Place in your Babycakes.

Mix potatoes, 1/2 of the cheese, bacon, and scallions together. The other 1/2 of the cheese will be for the tops if the pies when you bake them.
Add potato mixture in each uncooked pie crust.

Add a bit more cheese ( I like cheese!!!) on top.
Cook for about 10-12 minutes.
Remove and enjoy!!

Happy snacking!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow day recipe number 3

Beef stew???

No you can't make beef stew in your Babycakes. But you can make biscuits.
Actually Grand Biscuits!!
I call them Baby Grands!!

Cut up each uncooked roll in half and then in half again so you have 4 pieces total.

Place each one in your BCCM and plug in.
Bake 6-8 minutes.

Take out and enjoy. Perfect for a snow day.
Happy snacking!!

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Snow day recipe number 2


Again- yes there is a recipe for half a box of cake mix in the BCCM cookbook- but...

here's one that's a little bit better.

What you need:
18 oz cake mix - but you will use 1 3/4 cup of the mix
1 egg
1/4 cup of oil
2/3 cup water

What you do:
Mix all ingredients together. Bake: 5-8 minutes. Let cool before frosting.

Here's a little trick for the baking of your mini cupcakes. I use candy cups as a base for the cupcake liners. These are thicker than regular liners so the cupcake doesn't spread so much. You can use the candy liners as a cupcake liners too but regular liners come in much bigger variety of colors and styles.

Speaking of liners:
One site I found online is called The Cupcake Social at etsy - or at

The Babycakes cupcake maker takes size mini liners and they have sooooo many to choose from it's hard to pick.
Look how cute!!

They also sell other baking items too: sprinkles, decorative items, and packaging supplies as well. And the owner - Jenifer - is super sweet and answers questions super fast! Check it out!
Happy snacking!!

Snow day!!!

So I'm stuck in the house - literally!!! I can't get the front door open from all the snow!
So I'll be cooking, baking and snacking all day with my Babycakes cupcake maker.
Stay tuned!!

My yellow VW bug!!

Snow day recipe number 1

Mini Quiches

Yes there is a recipe in the BCCM book but I didn't have that stuff on hand so I've made up mine own.

This recipe makes 4 mini quiches.

What you need:

Pre made pie crust - cut 4 bottom crusts
1 egg
2 tablespoon light cream
Green peppers and Onions-
I didn't measure these but you can see I didn't use that much.
Cheese -
I used a Mexican blend- it's what I had on hand. About 1/4 cup.
Olive oil to sauté the peppers and onion
Salt and pepper to taste

What to do:

Place the 4 bottom crusts in your BCCM.
Add the oil to the pan and sauté the pepper and oil. Cook for few minutes until light golden brown.

Mix up egg and then add the cream. Add the peppers and onion. Add most of the cheese. I save a little bit to sprinkle on the top of the quiches after they cook.
Add the mixture to the crusts.

Cook for about 6-8 minutes. Don't over cook!! Dry eggs are no good!!!!
Take out and sprinkle cheese on them and serve.

Happy snacking!!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Flowers

These were my first creation in my Babycakes Cupcake maker. These are my husbands favorite!!!

What you need:

Wontons wrappers
Cooked chicken
Hot sauce
Ranch dressing
Mozzarella cheese

Put the wonton wrappers in your BCCM and shape into cups.

Precook the wonton wrappers in your BCCM.
Cook for about 5-6 minutes - almost cooked all the way but a little brown.

Cut up the chicken.

Combine the hot sauce and butter in a small pan heat for 5 minutes on med.
Add chicken. Mix well.

Now let's make them up:
The wrappers should still be in your BCCM. Put a little bit of the ranch dressing in each wrapper.

Put some of the chicken mixture in each of the the wrappers on top of the dressing. Then put some mozzarella cheese on top.

Bake for about 3-4 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Don't overbook- wontons can burn quickly.

Remove and enjoy!
Happy snacking!!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mini deep dish pizza

I could eat a thousand of these!!! Great for Super Bowl Sunday- or any Sunday for that matter!!

What you need:

Pizza dough
Flour for the dough
Pizza/spaghetti sauce
Grated Mozzarella cheese
Other pizza fixins'
I used pepperoni!!

Roll out a ball of dough about 1 1/2-2 inches round. Use the flour to make the dough easier to roll out.

After it's rolled out sprinkle a little olive oil on the dough. Put the dough into your BCCM.

Fill with sauce, fixins, and cheese (I used both mozzarella and parmesan).

Plug in your BCCM and cook for about 10-13 minutes. Take out and enjoy!!

Happy snacking!

Bye for now :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So I wanted a cookie...

A peanut butter cookie. Lucky I had a mix already in my pantry.

But I'm sure any mix would work well. So I followed
the directions on the package and rolled up 8 little balls (about an inch round), made the crisscross pattern with a fork- this was a little hard; need a smaller fork -

and started my BCCM (oh god I'm getting like Rachael Ray). I let them bake for about 10-12 mins. Then I unplugged my BCCM and scooped them out with a rubber spatula.
I'm going to add mini chocolate chips to the next batch!
Look how cute!!!

Grab a glass of milk and enjoy!!
Bye for now!
Buttercup :)

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