Saturday, June 11, 2011


So sorry for the lack of posts. It's been a crazy few months here and the last three weeks with the flooring being done were no better. I thought I was losing my mind!!

Long story short - we ended up redoing the "handyman special" the previous homeowners left us - not just the floor of our music room but the walls and a new drainage system too. And you know that saying
"when it rains it pours?" Well it does and about 3 inches of that rain was in the room one night.
My husband and I had our very own Katrina right in our house.
Thank god for the shop vac!!
Anyway it's behind us - just some painting to do and put the furniture back and it will be back to normal - hopefully!

So this past week at work (Kohl's Department store) a customer came up to me in our housewares department asking for the Babycakes Cake Pop maker but we were sold out. I was telling her how great all the Baby Cake products are not in just baking cupcakes, cake pops, Whoopie pies, and donuts but other items as well.
And that's what I did today!

Pancakes in my Whoopie pie maker!!

OMG!! So quick, no burning, and perfectly shaped silver dollar pancakes. Love Love Love!! And the puppies do too.

What you need:

Any pancake mix will do

What to do:

Mix up your mix
Pour about a tablespoon in each well.

Pay close attention - these cook QUICK!!
In about a minute to a minute and a half - with the tops of the pancakes just about dry - flip over the pancakes to lightly brown. Take out. Top with butter and syrup and enjoy!!

Happy snacking!!!

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