Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pancakes and sausage bites

A great breakfast treat or for a snack. Dunkin Donuts watch out!!

What you need:

Pancake batter - either box or homemade. Make enough for 5-7 pancakes
3 Sausage links
Butter - to grease cupcake wells and to melt in syrup.

What to do:

Make up the pancake mix.
Cook sausage. Cut each link into 4 pieces.
Grease each cupcake well.
One note: you must grease each cupcake well for these or they will stick!!!
Poor a tablespoon of batter in each well. Add 1 piece of sausage to each well on top of the batter. Make sure the sausage is almost covered but not all the way.

Plug in your Babycakes and cook 5-7 minutes.
Pour syrup in microwave safe bowl. Add butter. Cook 30 seconds.
Put pancakes and syrup on plate. Eat and enjoy!!

Yum!! :)
Happy snacking!!

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