Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So I wanted a cookie...

A peanut butter cookie. Lucky I had a mix already in my pantry.

But I'm sure any mix would work well. So I followed
the directions on the package and rolled up 8 little balls (about an inch round), made the crisscross pattern with a fork- this was a little hard; need a smaller fork -

and started my BCCM (oh god I'm getting like Rachael Ray). I let them bake for about 10-12 mins. Then I unplugged my BCCM and scooped them out with a rubber spatula.
I'm going to add mini chocolate chips to the next batch!
Look how cute!!!

Grab a glass of milk and enjoy!!
Bye for now!
Buttercup :)

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  1. This sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! They look soooo good. You can also use the cookie dough in the tub. Nice thing about that for me is I can just make one batch of cookies instead of making lots. I tend to eat too much when make more that one batch. - LOL

    Love this!