Friday, December 31, 2010

Snackgri- La

HaPpY NeW YeAR!!!!
Welcome to Snackgri-La!!!

How this all began:

A few months ago I purchased a great little appliance called the Babycakes cupcake maker. It's a wonderful machine that bakes 8 cupcakes in 5-8 minutes. First of all- it's PINK!!! Can it be any cuter??

It kind of looks like a George Foreman grill - but for girls. :) but it makes CUPCAKES!! And so much more!! Did I mention it's PINK !! (they sell yellow ones too).
I love cupcakes!! And I love appetizers. That's what Snackgri-la is going to be about - my escapades in baking and making appetizers in my little pink cupcake maker.
Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I love love love this little machine. I made peanut butter cupcakes and banana nut muffins. I can't wait to see what you do.

  2. Hi!! Thank you so much for joining my blog!!!
    It's it the bes machine! Those recipes sound great! I would love to include them on Snackgri-La or any others you may have. Photos too will be great!
    I'm going to start blogging my first recipe this week. Stay tuned!

  3. Hey! Good luck on the blog. I, too, got a BCCM for Christmas (in red) and have only made one thing so far, but I look forward to seeing more of your recipes!