Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cake pops and donuts, oh my!!!

So last week for my birthday I received the Babycakes Cake Pop maker from my husband!!!
Love love love love it!!!
I know I will eventually buy all the treat makers but I really wanted this one first. Why??? If anything because of this:

A filling injector!!! OMG!!
I also wanted the Cake pop maker to jump on the cake pop bandwagon. They are "popping" (that's bad) up everywhere. Even Starbucks has them now. But please note - the Babycakes Cake pop are different from the other form of cake pop, or cake truffle, out there.
The Babycakes Cake pop is just that - a round piece of cake on a lollipop stick. While the other cake pops or truffles are made from cake (fully cooked) and mixed with frosting so you can shape into - well - pretty much what ever you'd like them to be. One great site to visit is It's amazing what she has done for the cake pop industry. Both are coated with candy melts or a glaze.
I favor the Babycakes version because they won't be as sweet as the truffle kind. Plus I also wanted the cake pop maker to make mini donuts. Which is what I did this morning!!
I used a box yellow cake mix - it was easy and I just had to see if it would work. Which it did quite nicely. I have to get use to filling these wells just right but my first batch of donuts came out great. I filled them will raspberry jelly.

(yummy) and rolled them in powered sugar.

I may never visit Dunkin donuts again!!
The Babycakes Cake pop maker also comes with: a cake pop stand for cooling, a two-pronged fork to safely remove the cake pops from the maker, the filling injector, cake pop sticks, and a recipe booklet. I'll be trying out one of the many recipes from the booklet later today. Stay tuned!!
Happy Snacking!!

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  1. Yay for cake pops!!! Girl I got the whoopie pie maker on Saturday from Kohl's (thanks for the tip) and had a kit I bought on clearance after Valentine's day....made them up for a meeting after church today and didn't get to have one at all!! My dad said they were gooood! I'm so excited! I had to refrain from buying the cake pop maker but what a great idea to make donuts with it! They look yummy!