Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What are these you ask?

I have to admit - I've been dying to make these!!! They aren't my brilliant idea but one from the one and only Bakerella - the cakepop queen. But with the Babycakes Cakepop maker they are so much easier and the time is cut in half to make these little cuties!!
These adorable little cupcake cakepops are a cakepop on top of milk chocolate "liner" (made from a medium size peanut butter chocolate mold) then dipped in pink melting chocolate and topped with sprinkles.
I used the vanilla cakepop recipe from the Babycakes Cakepop maker booklet. Very yummy!!

Then as these cooled I melted the milk chocolate wafers in the microwave to make the "liners".
Right after you fill the chocolate mold place a cakepop ball on top and pressed down slightly.

This part can be tricky. Don't over fill or you will get a "lip". It's not awful and you can still trim the the extra chocolate off.

Place in freezer for about 10 minutes. BE PATIENT!! I wasn't and lost a few. Poor little things :(
Then melt the other chocolate melts that will be your "icing". I chose pink! Dip your cakepop and swirl around so you get an even coating and it meets the "liner". Then decorate as you like. I used colorful sprinkles. So cute and tasty too!!

Please note: these are easier if you work in batches because as the chocolate melts start to harden they get difficult to work with. I did six at a time. Hope you enjoy!
Happy snacking!
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