Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wait to you see what I found!!!

So yesterday I received an email from Select Brands - the company that makes the wonderful Babycakes Cupcake Maker!! They love my blog ( how sweet!! :) but they had some wonderful news they wanted to share with me and all the other Babycakes cupcake makers out there. Are you ready for this!!!!

Introducing the Babycakes Cupcake Maker WEBSITE!!!

I'm so excited!! Wait to you see what they have!!! They are launching new machines (cakepops, donuts, and woopie pies!!!) and accessories. The site also has recipes and we as babycake followers can add our own too!!!

I'm so excited I can't think straight!! Dj and Eric - I think you know what I mean!!


Happy snacking!!!!

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  1. i will be buying the donut maker ASAP......or better yet I have a wedding coming up, i think it's registry time!

  2. That's great news! I found your blog while searching for something like that! I'm just getting into cake pops too, so it looks like I might need a new appliance lol

  3. Hi Zaneta!!
    I'm so excited about these new products!! I found them yesterday at Kohl's. I'll be getting the cake pop one very soon.
    It has a "filling injector"!!!! So cool!!!
    I love this company!!! Thanks for following my blog!! Stay tuned for great new recipes.

  4. What?! No way!!!!! now I REALLY need a new appliance. I love this company too! I've only had my babycakes maker for 2 days, but I've had a sunbeam cupcake maker for a while, and I just love these appliances.

    I really like your blog. It gives me so many idea to show my husband it's not a waste of money haha

  5. It's so not a waste of money!! The money you save by not using your oven alone will pay for the Babycakes maker!! I can wait until summer and I'll still be able to cook with out turning on the stove.
    Thanks so much for following my blog!! It's so much fun. And I love showing how great this product is and all you can do with it.

  6. Girl you are burning up the recipe ideas!! You've inspired me!

  7. Hi Jennifer!! Thank you so much!!! You've inspired me with your blog. I just started this year too. I love it!!
    Also in honor of all the Babycake Machines I've decided that I'm going to be launching a favor packaging line on etsy very soon.
    Don't worry I'll have plenty of recipes for the cupcake maker too. Stay tuned!!