Friday, April 8, 2011

A bad week

Sorry I haven't been posting the last few days. My husband and I had quite a bad week - our tv and dryer died.
The dryer we could understand- it's probably 15 years old. But the tv is only a little over two. So with the tv not working and being reduced to our "postage stamp" size one for a week needless to say the Babycakes cupcake maker hasn't been preparing any treats either.

But .....
Today all is good again!
Dryer - fixed!!
TV - fixed!!!!!
Babycake cupcake maker - making treats!!
Just a usual - well at least in this house - Buffalo Chicken Flowers!!
It's also perfect that everything is working again because we start our vacation today. And in honor of that my hubby got me a present I just had to share.

It's a cupcake wine glass!! Love it!! It so cute!! And now I have something to accessorize with my cupcake apron and keep me refresh when I make cupcakes in my Babycakes!

Stay tuned - I have lots of new treats to make while I'm on vacation next week!
Happy snacking!
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