Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good morning!!

What am I making today??

Eggless cookie dough!!!

But why? So you can eat it and not get food poisoning. Why would you need that? Let's face it - we've all bought that roll of chocolate chip cookie dough at the grocery store and cut it open and had a little nibble (or a half a cup) of it. There's nothing like the flavor. But this eggless cookie dough is useful too. I'm making it to use as a frosting base for my chocolate chip cookie cupcakes that I will be making later today in my Babycakes cupcake maker.

But it's great swirled in vanilla ice cream or you could roll it in to little balls and dip in melted chocolate and and refrigerate them until firm or just (like I'm trying not to do) grab a spoon and eat it!!

I didn't dream up this wonderful
recipe but you can find it here at this great site called cupcake project. Here's the link:

Be back later today!
Happy snacking!!
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