Saturday, October 1, 2011

New products and Apple pie cookies

While at work the other day we received a shipment of new a Babycake brand product: PIE POP MAKER!!!!

It's the cutest little thing!! And it's PINK!! Anything on a stick is just so cute.
Babycakes is also coming out with a heart shaped mini waffle maker and a mini pie maker (think pot pie size). I think I need a bigger kitchen!!! Check all of the products out at

So while looking at the pie pop maker I was thinking I could make something similar in my Whoopie Pie maker. Now mind you really can't add a stick to these as you can in the pie pop maker (there is a cut out for the stick to rest) but I also love to get double duty out of products.
So I am calling these Apple Pie cookies.
So super easy, quick and delish!
I am very happy with how these come out and you will be too.

What you need:
I took the easy route:)

1 can of apple pie filling
1 pre made pie crust
1 egg
Wax paper
Rolling pin

What you do:

Put two sheets of wax paper down as lightly flour the sheets. Place your pie crust down and roll out - just a little not to thin.

Next using a cookie cutter similar to the size of the wells of the Whoopie pie maker cut out 24 circles. Note: I had to reuse the scraps and reroll the dough to get the amount but you can get 24 circles from 1 of the 2 pie crusts that come in a box.
Next open the pie filling and on a plate take about a 1/3 of a cup of filling and cut the apples up in to little pieces.
Place 12 circles in the Whoopie pie maker. Add about a 1/2 teaspoon of filling to each them and then top with the other pie crust circle.

The next step is very important. Go around each of the pies and press the pie crusts together with your fingers. Now go back to each with a lollipop stick to seal a little more and make the little ridges like a real pie.

Then crack open the egg and separate the whites from the yolk. Mix up the whites a bit and brush over the pie crusts. Plug in the Whoopie pie maker and let them bake.
These cook in about 12 minutes.
Please note my pie crusts did start to separate and a little of the filling was trying to escape at about minute 7. But all I did is go around and reseal a bit. They are very forgiving.
Take out and enjoy!

Now I just need some vanilla ice cream. :)

Happy snacking!
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