Sunday, October 23, 2011

Apple Cherry Oatmeal Cookie Crisp

Well my hubby and I (and puppies too) are at the end of our wonderful vacation. It was a great week visiting family and friends and the weather was
perfect for Fall - sunny crisp days and chilly nights.
So that is what inspired my recipe for today. Plus I have so much apple and cherry pie filling left over from making my pie cookies - if you can believe it! No I didn't eat them all. Pretty close though.
I also had oatmeal cookie dough in my pantry. Hmm.....
Can an apple crisp be made in Babycakes cupcake maker?
Yes indeed!

What you need:
Oatmeal cookie mix (or from scratch) and ingredients
Apple pie filling
Cherry pie filling
About 1/3 cup each filling
Pam cooking spray
Cupcake liners

What you do:

I had to experiment a bit to see what would work best. So I made up the cookie dough per the directions on the package.
Then I made the crisps three different ways:

1. With a cupcake liner sprayed with Pam. Here I used the dough like a pie crust - some on the bottom and sides. Then added some apples and cherry pie filling and then some dough on top. This took a little time to get the dough to stick to the sides but was doable.
2. Like the first except with out the cupcake liner. I did use Pam so it would come out easier.
3. With a cupcake liner but here I only put the dough on the bottom, added the pie fillings and then added some dough on top.
I cooked each about 10 minutes
or until the cookies were just golden brown but not over cooked.


All three were great. I would recommend using the liner though. The one without the liner came out ok but was a bit messy. And the ones with the liners come out of the liners perfectly.
Add some vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

Happy snacking!!!!

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